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May 01, 2007


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scooob, aka David Ash

Absolutely fantastic interview, Mike! You asked Rob things that I've always wanted to know, and made a hardcore fan (it's me he's referring to as emailing him about the loudness of the mastering for Eureka), who thought he knew all the Fetters ephemera, pleasantly surprised to learn something new. His honesty and self-effacing humor never cease to amaze me, even when I've pissed him off. Thanks!


Thanks Scoob, I really appreciate that. Rob made it sound like you were VERY concerned about the loudness war potential!


Mike, I'm an old fogie, so when you talk about music, I'll just sit back, listen, and learn! Thanks for teaching...


Fantastic interview...can't wait for Friday's show. Thanks Mike.


Excellent interview.

I have to comment on Cincinnati's fascination with Peter Frampton. It's gotta be because he lives here, right? Everyone seems to know about him from his "Frampton Comes Alive" album, which got a huge amount of airplay in the 70s but was considered a supreme joke by anybody who took music seriously. And I have not yet met one person who knows that album but also knows he was in Humble Pie, which WAS a respectable band. (Obviously I've never personally met anyone from The Bears.)



Fantastic. Thanks a ton, Mike. I loved being a fly on the wall during your conversation with Rob.


Mike, that was fantastic. Great work.

I'm not the shy type, but I've never had the balls to say hello to Rob, even though we have a ton of musician friends in common.


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