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September 19, 2008


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Ruth Calabria

Sarah Palin To Be Dropped From McCain Ticket
he guns on the conviction of the sinner, Senator Barack Obama, are about to be silenced. Sarah Palin has done her job of connecting with the everyday people who will make the difference in the election. She has managed to make the Republicans, the party of, by and for the ruling class, the hope of the people in the margin, the smarter evangelicals who might have voted for Obama, the moms who struggle so hard to raise their kids in this mom unfriendly environment, the moose hunters and those Hillary women who can't distinguish their bras from their pocketbooks.

Palin has also managed to distract us all from the consequences of the hundred billion dollar bank bailout necessitated by the blind greed of Republican mortgage scammers, a grand heist on all who work for a living whose paychecks will be cut in half by the stupendous inflation this will bring about. Stocks, mostly owned by the rich, go up; and the real income of the workers and middle class goes down. This effective transfer of wealth from worker to ruling class is a continuation of the broader capitalist Republican manipulations that have caused worker incomes to drop by 2% in the last decade while those in the top tier went up by 200%.

McCain's conservative handlers have planned from the beginning to have Sarah leave the scene, once her job was finished, along with the baggage of her Trooper-gate conniving and her obvious lack of qualifications for the presidency. We suspect her coming exit to have been intelligently designed from the start in its reeking of our situation down here in Texas where my fundamentalist mother still tries to control me, a 67 year old woman, from the grave by having left me an inheritance totally controlled by my castrated conservative brother, a lawyer who made it clear immediately after my mother's death that there's no way I would ever see a penny of the money left me unless I left my evolutionist professor husband of 35 years who rescued me from this moron, child abusing, family I had the misfortune to be born into. And if I know these scheming conservative game players correctly, Palin's exit will be blamed on something Michelle Obama said about Christmas or some equally absurd and vicious zinger....matrix-evolutions

Mrs. Ruth and Dr. Peter V. Calabria
Lubbock, TX

Dwayne S.

You left wingers are complete embarrasments to the human race. The left is what is wrong with America, you people should quit drinking the Kool-Aid!!!!! Guns, Freedom, Private Healthcare and Pro-Life.


So let me understand this correctly. Barack Obama would be the devil incarnate, whatever that means. Sarah Palin is a heroine performing the work of God.

Can we safely conclude then that God is voting Republican? What precinct?


Dwayne has a 6th grade education.

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