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September 22, 2008


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Like Obama's perfect….he was for public campaign monies before he was against it, etc., etc. C’mon, he’s as guilty of this as McCain and likely even more so given his propensity to vote present versus yea or nay. He dodged his responsibility to have a position more than 100 times, let alone to let voters know where he actually stands on the record. As president he won’t have that option.

Average Joe

Sorry, anon, but I don't buy the "they're all the same" argument. Obama's list of flip-flops is miniscule compared to McCain's.

Not the Mamma Cass!

Kevin: everything you wrote about McCain is assignable to Obama. I doubt you're changing anyone's minds about McCain, so why not instead write positively about Obama?

Kevin Osborne

Thanks for your advice, Mamma. I will continue to do both.

Justin Jeffre

City Beat say what?

Obama was against NAFTA while campaigning in Ohio, then it was just "overheated rhetotric". He was against the Patriot Act, until he voted to reauthorize it.

Obama was against the war until he voted to fund it everytime (except for once when he and Hillary were in a tight race). Obama was against giving the telecomms immunity for spying on the American people, until he voted to give them immunity.

He was for the Palestians, until he was pandering to AIPAC and he wouldn't let former President Carter speak at the convention because he's been outspoken against these militarist. And the list goes on and on.

I know City Beat has every right to be as partisan as you all want to be, but why do you shut out Independent candidates? Ralph Nader was here in town just 6 blocks from your office and City Beat failed to cover it at all.

Nader's polling at 10% among Independents in Ohio despite the media shut out. He will be a factor and his progressive platform is in stark contrast to Obama's.

Why not cover the Green Party's historic all women of color ticket? Bob Barr will also have an affect on this election.

City Beat is engaging in political bigotry and failing to live up to your moral obligation to inform the public about who will be on the ballot, what their records are and where they stand.

Instead of shilling for corporate parties and corporate candidates, why don't you just give us all the facts and let the people decide?

Obama is not an anti-war candidate as John Fox has tried to convince your readers. Rumor mill!

City Beat endorsed Nader in 2000, now you can't print one word about him without any explanation.

Can you say flip flop boys and girls?

Not even letters to the editor Kevin?

Average Joe

Rage against the machine, Justin! LOL

Not the Mamma Cass!

Justin: If CityBeat takes a principled stand for democracy and covers viable and/or qualified minority party candidates that might dilute popular support for Minority Democrats. Silly goose!

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