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September 05, 2008


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Well if you are looking for the best speech giver and crowd pleaser Barack Obama is the right choice. Of course if you are looking for someone of substance to run the country, McCain is the right choice. Apparently you have not done your homework on this subject. The unfortunate part is that uneducated people like yourself are able to vote November 4th. By the way, when you figure out what Barack Obama's plan is if he makes the White House, besides Socialism, that might make a good article.

Kevin Osborne


Please enlighten us how McCain -- who voted with Bush 95 percent of the time -- is going to bring "change" to Washington.

Please enlighten us how McCain -- who was part of the Republican majority for most of his time in Congress -- is going to bring compromise, unity and "change" that he already hasn't.

Please enlighten us how McCain -- who supports the current policy in Iraq -- is going to bring "change" to the war and our foreign policy.

I suppose you find democracy irritating, since you don't want every adult to have the right to vote.

David E. Gallaher

As a peaceful anarchist who has made the fundamental observation that governments are formed to wage wars, McCain, who sang, "Bomb , bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran," confirms he will give us more of the same.
It is refreshing that Obama's meager "substance" seems to resist government's main aim.


I noticed in the first paragraph that Palin's speech was considered to be descent. I have to disagree. She bored me to tears for what seemed like hours with a speech that had to have been written by the Bush speech writers.

David E. Gallaher

Thanks. You have made a funny with your misspelling:

walter madison washington jr

This should all come out in the debates. however the american people old people like me are just
that stupid to not notice what has happened the last eight years.

and believe the bull crap the republicans accept to be the truth.


I should be shocked once again (but I'm not) that people in this country are so gullible as to believe everything the Republicans make up to get elected. Dumbest. Country. Ever.

Not the Mamma Cass!

Kevin: please report on Obama's voting record vis-a-vis its agreement with Bush. I think you'll be surprised and not just a little disappointed.

And please also report on Obama's eloquence when bereft of a teleprompter or prepared remarks. He becomes a Stuttering John incapable either of wit or wisdom, mixing his metaphors and struggling to speak from knowledge and experience instead of Harvard Debate Class.

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