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August 04, 2008


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John Fox

One thing that's clear from this memo is that if you work at The Enquirer it would help to be represented by a union or to be a member of the Operating Committee (executive level) -- they're not eligible to "participate" in the layoff program.

Average Joe

The Enquirer hasn't been relevant in years. Bad decisions by management is merely hastening its eventual demise.


Bronson's hack job on Bill Cunningham yesterday is par for the course. Bronson is a shill for Citylink, and uses his position as an Enquirer writer to praise the importation of felons ("clients"), to live at Citylinks transitional housing facility. People opposed to CL have written many responses to his advocacy yet none ever make it to print. At least when Cunningham takes a position, he is only too happy to have his opposition on air with him to make their case. Could it be that Bronson's phony "moral superiority" comes from advertising envy?

Former Enquirer Subscriber

The Enquirer's failure to write about this at all says a lot about their interest in being a trusted news source.

Given those ethics one imagines that we'll soon see a marketing campaign that uses displaced Enquirer employees to justify the upcoming single copy price increase..."Only you can keep us from firing more. So, please, please, pick up a copy for only $0.75 today"

Timely Coverage - Not

The one story the Enquirer should have beat everyone on gets finally reported by them on Friday, August 15th.

And, it's highly unlikely that they would have even done that were it not for Gannett finally coming clean about what's been going on for weeks at its papers.

No wonder big media has a credibility issue.

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My uncle worked with them and he got fired! Sigh! Well, I wish everyone a better luck!

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