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July 31, 2008


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David E. Gallaher

As if I needed one more reason not to vote:
I will not vote as an expression of solidarity with ex-cons.

(A peaceful anarchist who has not voted since before you were born. I made the mistake of voting for Nixon in '68... If at first you don't succeed, quit.)

Not the Mamma Cass!

Yes, it's so critical to our democracy that sociopaths get to participate.

Margo Pierce

Wow - what happened to second chances, people?

The same constitution that allows you to express opinions about people who don’t behave the way you think they ought to is the same one you’re willing to trample by taking away the rights of a specific group of people you find objectionable.

When you start down that slope of classifying some people worthy and others unworthy based on an inaccurate (the majority of people who go to prison aren’t sociopaths) or judgmental criteria, there’s another group ready to explain why your group ought to be cut off next.

No, this country isn’t perfect, nor it our system of government. It was formed by and is maintained by imperfect, fallible people. But to take a defeatist attitude and do nothing is a form of tacit approval – you agree that “they” are more powerful than you and allow them to continue unchecked.

If at first you don’t succeed give up? If you really believe that then shut up and stop sharing your opinion – talking is not giving up.

Not the Mamma Cass!

Margo: the majority of people who go to prisons were convicted of crimes.

These people engaged in criminal behavior, violating the rights of other people.

I believe rights violations are constitutional offenses, so please do not lecture me on this; spend your time lecturing the sociopaths who think society exists for their benefit rather than their having responsibility to contribute to society's betterment.

I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to vote; only that they shouldn't vote, and no one should really care if they do.

When was the last time your heart bled for the victims of criminals?

You seem curiously obsessed with "the plight" of the incarcerated.

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