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June 21, 2008


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this is disgusting to the highest level. your little paper will never be anything more when you have little minded people running it. who cant see the morals through their greed. i will never pick up another citybeat again and i now am ashamed that i ever have. a paper that stands to let prostitution rings solicit 12 year old girls and advertise their companies through their paper is the definition of smut. disgusting! citybeat should be ashamed as i and others are today for ever reading this trash. i feel bad for those who actually write for this paper. they are good people and dont deserve to be associated with fox's greed.


I was wondering if I could vote for the guy.....


The "Michael" above is the "dale johnson" from an earlier thread who said his 12 year old almost got turned into a prostitute on the internet.


David E. Gallaher

The danger and sleaziness associated with the sex distribution business is similar to the danger and sleaziness associated with the illegal drug distribution business. Precisely what attaches the danger and the sleaziness like barnacles is our handy-dandy government. There never should have been laws prohibiting victimless crime, that is to say, vice.
One must wonder if Semper Si and Chief Strike-her, staunch proponants of CCV, know that their enforcement of vice laws happen to be great for their crime business. They create crime at the same time they claim to be fighting it. Ah, but they are the "experts," aren't they? And a handy-dandy by-product of vice laws, at least from a majority white voter's point of view, is that it provides wonderful cover as an excuse to lock up young black men. And so we have a vicious, low-level, neverending cycle of violence.

christian bennignus

I relocated to Seattle a year ago and am visiting Cincinnati to handle matters related to two recent family losses. I can't express how pathetic Cincinnati strikes me, once again, in seeing that this is the sort of issue I've encountered in my brief return. Having traveled to many parts of the world and lived in a variety of places I have to say that Cincinnati truly is a backward place, particularly when one considers its potential.

This is a historically rich city which enjoys natural beauty and the possibility of a vibrant urban center. Many cities around the country have adopted strategic urban planning consisting of social programs, cultural offerings, green space, MODERN TRANSPORTATION, etc. Cincinnati's reputation for smugness is well-deserved and has only added to its decline.

Cincinnati has adopted almost none of the models or practices which have been proven to work in other cities (Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Charlotte, etc., etc.). No place is perfect but Cincinnati rarely makes genuine attempts at improvement.

How long ago was "The Flats" proposed? Does anybody even care any more? How about devising ideas that matter? Or, since this city lacks visionaries or, at least, a willingness to follow hometown idealists, why not adopt some tested ideas which have worked elsewhere? Is it pride? Is it ignorance? Is it stupidity? I've seen plenty of all three in this town.

For several personal reasons, I may return to this city for a year or so. Such attention being devoted to such nonsensical matters as adult advertisements - at the expense of far more pressing issues - is exactly what drove me away from this podunk burg and what will surely do the same when it's time for me to leave again in a year.

Citybeat is the only publication that's worth a damn in this city. It's also the only publication I can recall ever doing a news story on the flight of the young and talented from Cincinnati to places like Seattle and Portland. I'm 36, college educated and well traveled, a pretty standard background of folks I encounter in thriving cities. This town's narrow-mindedness and ignorance of vital self-reflection is appalling to those who honestly seek to improve their surroundings.

It's utterly pathetic for adult ads to draw this much attention, grow up. These ads are in every alternative publication around the country. Citybeat's retort, namely that refusing advertising space to legal adult oriented businesses invites a slippery slope, is dead on. Of course, the CCV and all of those who signed onto this schlock threat against Citybeat seem ever ready to place foot in mouth.

David E. Gallaher

The San Francisco "values" version of CityBeat is filled with ads for where to procure "medical marijuana."
Maybe Phil Burr-ASS needs a hit or two of that publication?

Count Chocula


Are you sure you were in Cincy? "The Flats" are an area in Cleveland that no one cares about. If you're going to take time away from patting yourself on the back for being "college educated and well traveled" to trash Cincy, at least get your facts straight.

dr. who

Stand up for Cincinnati instead of seeking refuge in a town that has already down the hard work. I love Cincinnati bc we have potential and bc here we can make a difference and have a chance to change things for the better. I'm college educated and well traveled and love it here.

Adam Cohen

Just body rubs? Here are a few of the 769 classified ads in CityBeat's "cincinnati adult entertainment" category as of 7/3/08:

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Erotic Encounters Picture body rubs

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Adam Cohen

Prostitution is no "victimless crime". Prostituted women are routinely abused because many johns feel the payment of money entitles them to dispense with humane behavior. A recent University of Chicago study finds that the average prostitute experiences one violent assault a month.

A comprehensive 2004 mortality study, funded by the National Institutes of Health and conducted by the American Journal of Epidemiology, shows that workplace homicide rates for women working in prostitution are 51 times that of the next most dangerous occupation for women (which is working in a liquor store). The average age of death of the women studied was 34.

A Canadian Report on Prostitution and Pornography concluded that girls and women in prostitution have a mortality rate 40 times higher than the national average.

In another study, 75% of women in escort prostitution had attempted suicide. Prostituted women comprised 15% of all completed suicides reported by hospitals. The quality of "consent" in prostitution would appear to be poor.

If you'd like to learn more, please see


Adam, those are all from the Web site, not in the paper.

I promise you will find more graphic things elsewhere on the Internet. Including right here:

Not only do you get linked to CityBeat's horrendous ads, but you get a link to the "No Porn In Hotels" site Truth About Lodgenet ( THERE, you get graphic descriptions of the kind of pornography available for adults to view in their hotel rooms.

Here is a sample from that family-protecting site's collection of porn stories:
"The scene changes to the four males masturbating at the face of the female. Each male takes a turn ejaculating into the open mouth of the female. The ejaculation is clearly visible. She stares into the camera and rubs the semen onto her body."

So, CCV has far more graphic content linked to their site than CityBeat could ever dream of getting away with. Tell me, how do they get away with THAT in Hamilton Co.?


Ok chocula, you're right, I had the name wrong. The idea of "The Banks" is so old and tired I must have forgotten it nearly a decade ago after it was initially proposed. Sad that I conflated it with The Flats, which, unless it's changed significantly, is a MUCH cooler than any nightspot Cincinnati has to offer. I'm pretty sure it didn't take Cleveland over a decade to break ground on that project either. The Banks, how lame. Kind of like the subway tunnel system.


Dr. Who,

I'm a Cincy native and couldn't give a damn less about its future because its squandered SO many opportunities that it makes keeping faith a practice for fools, in my eyes - but hey, to each his own.
I would love to see Cincinnati develop its ample potential for uniqueness. Over-the-Rhine could be a national treasure, Cincinnati sinks absurd amounts of money into equally absurd sports teams. I love NFL football, but come on. Yes, these are stock assaults on the city's choices, but what's the cliche about cliches existing for a reason?
With thoughtful redirection of Central Pkwy, the canal could be reopened, not as a shipping venue but as a tourist and historic / educational model ala San Antonio's Riverwalk - nope.
Cincinnati's urban core is a joke. Northern Kentucky is more alive, and that ain't saying much.


Chocula. I was in no way congratulating myself for being college educated and traveled. If you'll notice in my original posting, I pointed out the fact that such a background is fairly run of the mill. Believe me, I've seen too many college grads and travelers without an inkling of wisdom to think that this is the most valid criteria for judging character.

I only mentioned that in relation to Citybeat's previous articles on the flight of the talented out of Cincinnati and into more inviting environments. There are plenty of people without advanced education who are open-minded and interested in broadening their viewpoints. Cincinnati is notoriously lacking in these areas, for the most part. Censornati is a fitting designation. I didn't leave seeking refuge elsewhere, I left because I've seen too many years of this condition in Cincinnati.


Nice work CityBeat. I support you. If CCV wants to go after you, they might as well look at adult agency half page ads in The News Record from the University of Cincinnati. They might as well take a good look at some of the American Apparallel ads too while they're at it since some of them are mighty provocative, objectifying and sometimes unclear what clothing item (if any) they're selling if you look quickly. You're progressive CityBeat and that is why you're attacked. It's unfortunate, but at least a part of the truth. Next thing you know they'll be attacking beverage ads because some underage folks might see them. I'll definitely be watching for updates on this case. Thanks.

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