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May 07, 2008


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danny cross

For reals. When she called economists elitists I threw up in my mouth and it tasted like a Comet burrito and was super gross.

Political Junkie

I agree, it's time for Hillary to go.

Bill Clinton had done a good job at "rehabilitating" his legacy since leaving office, but his comments and this campaign in general diminishes them both.


I'm no Hillary fan, but who cares if she goes to the convention and tries to get the nomination? That's what they are supposed to be for instead of just a taxpayer funded coronation ceremony.

She'd never get my vote but at least she's willing to fight to win which is more than you can say for Al Gore and John Kerry. They are the biggest losers of them all because they won the elections and still let somebody else take the Oval Office. Pathetic-Ha!

David E. Gallaher

Andrea Mitchell of NBC is pretty insightful. She points our Billary has already dipped deeper into their joint funds than she alone contributed, so any more "borrowing" will have to come from Bill's contributions, and that will raise questions about how he was able to accumulate such a stash of cash so swiftly. In other words, who was buying their influence. Wouldn't it be funny if the people or countries trying to buy the Clintons' influence had anything to do with OPEC?


"That's what they are supposed to be for instead of just a taxpayer funded coronation ceremony."
Conventions are not paid for by taxes.


Conventions do get taxpayer money.

Kevin Osborne

Unfortunately, Yossarian is correct.

Although most people don't know it, each of the two major political parties receive nearly $15 million from the Federal Election Committee to hold their conventions.

As Ron Paul has pointed out, checking the box on your 1040 income tax return form to give one dollar to the parties changes nothing, as the convention money comes from general revenues whether the box is checked or not.

Also, security costs and police overtime pay in the cities where the conventions will be held likely will add another $25 million in state and local taxes for each convention. That one I can more easily accept, because local businesses profit from having the conventions in their towns.

The concept of giving general revenue money to the conventions is a bad one, and some politicians should be brave enough to step up to the plate and stop it.

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