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March 13, 2008


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Chance McGee

How can they not? The economy is a wretched abortion, with inflation becoming rampant and real wages decreasing significant amounts on a daily basis. The two main drivers being a shitty oil supply and the fact we sold out our manufacturing base to corporations and 3rd rate Napoleons in 3rd world shitholes. Even today Iraq is not producing as much oil as it did in 2003. Its been five years! And what does the American economy produce? Services? Almost anything tangible we build is a 2nd-tier polished turd, just ask our troops over in Iraq. Meanwhile, the price of retail oil spiked 13% in a day, which has to trickle through to basic commodities like foodstuffs. Just wait, America, you have a painful readjustment of your standard of living coming. Just remember who the piper is when it comes time to pay up.

650,000 dead civilians

"As of today, 3,987 U.S. service members had been killed in the war, along with 175 U.K. troops and thousands of Iraqi civilians."

Really Kevin, there have only been thousands of Iraqi civilians killed? Not tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians? Even Bush gives a higher estimate than that.

Why didn't local media ask the candidates to clarify their positions on the war when they were here?

John Fox had 5 minutes with Obama. The best he could do was drool over him and ask him about arts funding.

Chance McGee
Required reading.

John Fox

I asked Obama five or six questions, and only one partially concerned arts funding. I'm unaware that Obama is responsible for the civilian deaths in Iraq. And I'm pretty sure I didn't drool. From my position as CityBeat's grammar cop, Kevin's comment about "thousands of Iraqi civilians" does cover "tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands." If you split hairs, ma'am, the terrorists have already won.

David E. Gallaher

Kevin Osborne,
It would not be a good strategy for Dems to remind voters of the war. Here's why: The self-imposed truce of
Muqtada al-Sadr will expire in August. If McCain looks like he has a ghost of a chance of winning, which I doubt, Muq will then provide all the reminders of the war that US voters need.

For Billary and Obama to focus on the war would cause them to pulverize each other needlessly.

650,000 dead civilians

“I'm unaware that Obama is responsible for the civilian deaths in Iraq.”

John Fox, you’re unaware that funding the war causes civilian deaths? Do you think that money for the war is going to be used to give everybody ice cream cones and candy?

Are you seriously trying to pretend there’s not a difference between saying “thousands” of civilian deaths and saying “hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths”?

If so, you are completely full of shit!

I know what you asked him and they were all soft balls.

“I decided to focus my few questions on themes CityBeat readers might care about and I hadn't heard Obama speak about: media consolidation vs. media independence, government funding for the arts and public broadcasting and his ability to help heal the country's racial divide, plus a little more about his plan to give college students a $4,000 tax credit in exchange for 100 hours of community service.”

Didn’t you think your readers would like to know about why he’s going to expand the Pentagon budget? Or why Obama reversed his position on the Israel-Palestine issue.

You could’ve asked Obama why he voted to fund the war every time he had the chance but you didn’t because as you said, you’re “not an unbiased observer”.

You gave him soft ball questions because you’re a fan that endorsed him. You’re supposed to be a reporter aren’t you?

Instead of asking tough questions of a presidential candidate for your readers, you’d rather focus on telling your readers how to think and vote.

You could’ve asked Obama why he won’t support a single payer health care system and how much money he’s taken from the health care industry, but you’re a fan that endorsed him because of his “rock star” like charisma.

When those in the media give presidential candidates a pass because you are star struck, your readers lose and America loses.

Political Junkie

650,000 etc.,

First, the number of civilian deaths has been widely disputed. There are too many, regardless of the number, but there is no definitive statistic to point to and say, "That's the right one."

Second, this isn't your blog or publication with your narrowly defined focus or biases. If you don't like what you see here, start your own.


Even Bush said the numbers were 30,000, not "thousands". More credible sources put the number in the hundreds of thousands and 650,000 is a conservative number from a respected source.

Mr. Osbourne could've put what the range from respected sources is but its the candidates job and the national medias job to remind the voters of the war.

You think because the number is disputed it's OK to grossly underestimate it. It is not and Mr. Osbourne wrote an article saying that Dems should remind voters of the war. Why not remind them of the massive number of innocent civilians slaughtered.

Shouldn't City Beat ask the Presidential candidates about the war?(Or is arts funding more important?)

This is an open forum and I will put my opinion here if I want to. This isn't your blog or publication either and you're not my mom, so kiss my ass Junkie!

This is Jon Fox and Kevin Osbourne's blog and they put their narrowly defined focus and biases here and I choose to comment on them.

Political Junkie

"650,000 is a conservative number from a respected source."

Well, list the source then, sir.

(And no more caffeine for you!)


Quit telling me what to do. You missed the point. Try google!

Political Junkie

And you missed the point of what Osbourne was writing about originally.

Try Valium!


I got his point and made a point of my own. Deal with it!

Try Deez Nuts!

Political Junkie

How droll.

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