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February 28, 2008


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Not the Mamma Cass!

Hussein is his middle name. This comes as news to whom?

Political Junkie

Mamma Cass,

So, why didn't your boy Willie refer to McCain as "John Sidney McCain" then?

Only you Cincinnati-style conservatives find any of this cute.

David E. Gallaher

Thanks, Political Junkie,
McCain might as well grab his ankles and kiss his ass goodbye. Anyone named Sidney is always tapping their toe under the toilet stall divider, eh?

Will anyone ask now what the "E" stands for in the name of Yours Truly?

Who here knows the "S" in Harry Truman stood for nothing? (Other than "S." I know. It's a long story.)

At least McCain and Obama only have three names. Not like some in the Bush dynasty.
(And not like Hillary Anastasia Rodham Clinton.)

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