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February 26, 2008


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Soft Balls

Government funding for the arts, his ability to help heal the country's racial divide and chump change for college?

That's the best you could come up with?

John Fox

Uh, yeah. What questions would you have asked?

Real Questions

Here's a few off of the top of my head, but I don't get paid to be a reporter.

Why will you expand the Pentagon's budget which is already absorbing half of the federal government’s operating expenditures; when the U.S. already spends more on our military than the rest of the world combined?

Will you tax speculators on Wall Street?

You were pro-Palestinian when you were in Illinois in the state Senate. Now you're supporting the Israeli destruction of the tiny section called Gaza with a million and a half people, why?

Why did you change your position on the Israel/Palestine issue and take it off of the table and out of the debate when it's central to our security and to the situation in the Middle East?

There's a civilian death ratio of about 300-to-1; that's 300 Palestinian deaths for every Israeli death. Do you not have any sympathy for the Palestinians and if not, why not?

Why don't you support single-payer universal health care that covers all Americans craddle to grave like they have in Canada or in Europe?

Does the fact that you've take more money from the health industry than any other candidate influence this policy?

This is set to be a billion dollar election. Do you think that money corrupts polictics?

And would you support free airtime for candidates like they have in countries like France?

Would you restore the fairness doctrine which requires stations to give equal time to all candidates on the ballot?

What will you do to address the great racial disparity in the criminal justice system?

Will you increase the minimum wage to a living wage? Why or why not?

What do you say to critics that say you haven't accomplished anything in your short time in the Senate and your being to general with generic, feel-good rhetoric about unity, hope and change that doesn't really specifically tell people how you would do anything?

Is my 5 minutes really already up?

David E. Gallaher

The more we get excited about a person's ability to bring change, the more we want to "nibble" them to death.
Relax and observe.
President Obama, if he does nothing else, will be taking the party of Lincoln to history's dustbin.


Wow! Some rather clinical comments posted here. I'd just note that neither Barack Obama's plan nor Hillary Clinton's health care plan will end up providing universal health care. The only path to true universal health care is socialized medicine. But since most of America has it's head up it's $#!, this won't happen either. I will say however, that simply putting Barack into office will massively change the perceptions held by so many around the world. I know this because I've been living overseas for the past 10 years. The well educated and generally intelligent that have been voting for Barack seem to understand this. Unfortunately, your state of Ohio has very few of these types and may end up putting us all through weeks and weeks more of listening to Hillary sound off like a school girl that's not getting her way. Do us all a huge favor Ohio, vote for Barack and let's close this thing out now. Otherwise we may be looking at 4 more years of Bush-esque politics with grandpa munster, and that's something I think we all could live without.

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