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February 27, 2008


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Right, Kevin! And the "powers-that-be" are all "of a certain age," too. So, when they kick the bucket, Cincinnati will finally get its chip off its shoulder and live up to its full potential.

Political Junkie

When will conservatives realize that "friends" like Willie, Rush, Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter hurt their cause more than help in the Internet age?

Not the Mamma Cass!

Kevin: you've been in this business far too long not to know tht Cunningham's show is just that: a show. When he's on air he is a performer putting on a show. Please put his comments into that context.

Cunningham also didn't "steal" from the Fascist Party Doll: he mentioned her by name and said he was joining her.

Writing of people not wanting to miss a publicity opportunity, you neglected to mention Mark Mallory.


Right on, brother.

What an idiot he is. Even if it is just showmanship, he's not doing any favors for his party or his city--only the democratics. And for that I thank him.

(hope you're well, kevin!)


I like the word used to describe Cunningham, "buffoon." That he is.

He was very indulgently interviewed on Channel 5 by their talking heads after the debate last night. They continued to let him rant on, attempting to defend his ignorant position.

Bill Cunningham represents all that is bad about Cincinnati: racism, ignorance, red-neckism, intolerance. Need I continue?

David E. Gallaher

I think Willie has brainwashed himself. Think of how many times he has repeated that "Great American" shouted, confrontational spiel. It's boiler plate.
I guess it works for talk radio. I wouldn't know. I don't listen to it much.
But Mike McConnell is not always using some spiel for a crutch is he?

Still, even if Allistair Cooke were a talk radio dude, I wouldn't listen. (Okay he's dead already, anyway.) I can't stand the frequent long commercial breaks.


I'd like to think of this as a defining moment in this election campaign. The GOP has officially "jumped the shark". Willie's grandstanding put the final bullet in the Republican Party's chances to win the presidential race. They're's over - stick a fork in 'em.
And hopefully, this carries forward locally. I'd like to think Cincinnatians have finally had enough of Deters, Streicher, Hartmann, Leis, and their ilk. Change is in the air and it feels good.

Kevin H

What a bunch of ignorant libs...
What has repeating Obama's full name have to do with Racism...?
Its not about's about character, and experience.
Martin Luther King Jr said that he dreamed of the day when a man would not be judged by the color of his skin, but by his character.
I couldnt care less what race Obama is, I care about what his character and ideals are, and his do not match mine. So that makes me a racist? No, it means I do not agree that this unexperienced man who has no knowledge of foreign policy is the right man to lead our country. That's what Willie is trying to get across.
But its conveniant to drop the race card because Obama is obviously dark skinned. I don't care that he's black, I care that he's super liberal and he will lead the country to ruin.
I ask you , who are the racists? The ones playing the race card and telling us we can't even question him because of race? or the ones who question character?

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