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January 24, 2008


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David E. Gallaher

Anyone really want to save public schools? Simply do this: Have every teacher announce to students: "Who doesn't want to be here?" Then everyone raising their hand would be dismissed. Told to get off school property promptly. In order to be readmitted, parent and child would need to make an appointment with the teacher to jointly state their case. The teacher would be under no pressure to readmit. The decision would be totally the teacher's.
How many of these pissed off parents have the balls to second my recommendation?


This is very interesting. But it's not quite the all encompassing problem its made out to be.

This is a group of parents at North Avondale Montessori that want to change the registration process for new parents. Unable to do so they've gotten very frustrated.

I agree that the process is inhumane and counterproductive. I agree that there should be a better way to do this. And it does seem like they have taken every possible avenue to address the issue and been rebuffed.

But it also seems that most of their unhappiness with the district and personnel are related to this one issue and their lack of adequate response to the concerns this group has raised.

I am a NAM parent and I had no idea there was this much of a storm brewing over this. I can tell from looking through the website who is at least the backbone of the group, if it is indeed a group. It's interesting. But not quite as revolutionary as the blurb here seems to make it. I think the press releases or publicity that clued CityBeat into this oversold the scope of the problem a bit.


Contrary to the intro to this blurb it's not threats to children, perceived or real, that is fueling the tirade. Its anger that adults have to stand in line to register for a specific CPS school. And since the website authors already have kids in the school it must be that they're worried that friends might not get in.

That's not to say that their concerns aren't real; their frustration is apparent if a bit over the top.

I am surprised that you've made no effort to find out who is behind this website. You might be surprised. I would also question if it's a whole pack of parents. It might be just a few. I'd like to hear more investigation of who the "group" is and what their complaints are.

MiMi Chamberlin Daly

I am a parent of two current and two grads of North Avondale. No doubt that CPS needs to continue to improve the magnet sign-up process.

I emailed the contact on the website several days ago and have not gotten a reply to this message:
Hello -

I am a North Avondale parent and was not aware of your efforts.

Have you utuilized any parent channels at NAM?

It might also be helpful to give some more details about yourselves on your website. I would be interested to know who is involved.

Hang in there!

Peace and blessings to you and yours!

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