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December 11, 2007


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Here we go again. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the chief of police has two bosses in this city: the mayor and the city manager. Time and time again, the chief has come under fire from the media, from his own men, even from council, but neither the mayor nor the city manager has had the balls to do anything about it. Maybe this time will be different.

Political Junkie

Streicher is a tool. He's a poor manager and a poor leader. The question is, do Mallory and Dohoney have the political gravitas to do something about him?


When Greg Harris broke this story months ago, only City Beat covered it--but with only a single mention, afterwards letting the story die. What a shame. This should have been a major campaign issue, one that would have required all the candidates to take a stand. Instead, it was swept under the rug. With many months before the next campaign begins, the politicians have nothing to lose by ducking the issue again. Just watch. The mayor and Council members will hem a little, haw a little, then let the issue die. Isn't the most serious aspect of this story the fact that Quinlivan and the officers are so afraid of Streicher that they effectively allowed him to silence them!

Chance McGee

What a waste of public money an international police symposium would be. Especially, when Streicher is bragging Dubai's police department being part of the organization. The same Dubai whose police chief has threatened US over Iran, and blamed the US for the creation of al Qaeda.

Not the Mamma Cass!

Gerard: you're wrong; the Police Chief reports exclusively to the City Manager.

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