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May 01, 2007


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Yeah and out here in the boonies, Jean Schmitt is trying her best to organize and implement a huge dumping ground for nuclear waste.

I'll probably be better off moving into the city soon...


Great post Margo. I saw that L.A. was ranked No. 1 — I can't wait to watch the Fox News shows tonight to listen to three hours of "Hollywood Hypocrites: Shut Up and Dance, Moneys."

Wow, Jean Schmidt has hit pay-dirt with that one. For an elected official coming up for election, the only worse things to have associated with your persona than "nuclear dumping" are "mass murderer" and "Nazi sympathizer."

(I'm kind of excited at the prospect of someone finding this page by Googling 'Jean Schmidt,' 'mass murderer' and 'Nazi sympathizer.' For the record, I'm pretty sure Schmidt is none of the above.)


I enthusiastically support a nuclear waste dump under Jean Scmitt's back yard.

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