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December 08, 2007


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My mother loved Nick and his variety show. I remember she would always take a break and watch it.

And now, of course, I love his son!


I heard a rumor that Nick's son Geroge was going to buy the Cincinnati Post but I guess that's just a rumor. I for one will miss that paper. I won't read the Enquirer.

hard as nails

? what's a nick clooney?


i see nick sometimes over here in ky. he's as nice as he can be, smiles, says hello -- a sincere guy.

not from ohio.

Bill Brown

Hi, Nick.
You'll recall my dad, Tom Brown. I was enlisted by the AFTRA union about 1976 to picket in front of WKRC. You were fabulous. The only person to "stand up". Anyway, I just wanted to say "hey". Hope you are as proud of George as dad was of me. He really got a kick out of sending me as the "informational picket" for AFTRA. I'm doing well. Live in Lexington SC, now.

Bill Brown

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