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June 03, 2008


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I love your depiction of the characters unmasked before me at this show. It reminds me that we all do have an unveiling that we owe ourselves, so that the world can really accept us for the Real that lies beneath the mask.

Kind of like a cleansing, NO like a DETOXIFICATION. Transforming the toxins we have put in.

Lady J

This show is no less than brilliant!

Greg Stallworth

"Unmasked" in arguably the most provocative and entertaining of characters depicting the masking we all wear throughout our lives. Curtis showed clearly that he is one of the most polished well versed actors to walk the theatrical stages of Cincinnati. It's a shame that theatrical companies haven't utilized his superb acting skills more. Shame on you Cincinnati.


Curtis the man is an engaging, thought provoking, animated yet intelligent human being that has the ability to make you look closely at yourself without feeling comdemned for the flaws or pressured into changing them, yet challenging you to.

Well done for unmasking himself on the stage and allowing you to see this, instead of just reading it.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from him.

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