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June 03, 2008


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Ms. Durrell noted that "you're here to have fun" when/if you take an INNER:CITY tour--and you sure are! A friend/colleague and I went on a tour this past weekend and it was a great experience. Not only did I learn some things about my very own Queen City that I did not know before, I had a blast following the hints, suggestions, and instructions of our Voice/tour guide. It was clear to me when I was on the tour what was "just" information (facts/history) and what was story/theatre--it was/is listed under "Fringe Performance"--so I knew to expect the unexpected. I am confident that my Fringe-goers will have an open mind, willing spirit and an active imagination when they accept a spot on an INNER:CITY tour. There's something for everyone here--exercise, knowledge, theatre, art! DO take this tour, ya'll--go with someone who will dive into the experience with you and you'll enjoy Over-the-Rhine in a way you've not done so before. It's great fun.

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